Saturday, July 18, 2009

After Ohio


Never have styrofoam cups of lousy machine coffee elicited such a feeling of joy...Ashley is cooing "you're heaven sent" to Amanda now, and its true.
Maybe it's a bad sign that we're only to Illinois and we're already deranged...but maybe, just maybe, this is a necessary insanity. I mean, ok, a certain curly headed someone's fun facts for each state are contributing to the madness. Did you know Howard Taft got stuck in a White House Bathtub? Santa Claus, IN is a place? Something about Dairy Queen, Grandmamas and Grandbabies in Joliet, IL? We do. We also know that Amish Country is everywhere, and that the sun sets differently in every state we ride through.

Despite being at a state of griminess that is making me seriously consider taking a second shower in 10 hours, a nutritional intake of almost nothing but deformed dollar store animal crackers and coffee, and Fiona the GPS' inability to determine "West" on certain roads.... the trip is rightly swell.

Yesterday we spent the day in Milan, OH with my cousin Robert and his family. They are fantastically cool, and made all of us sure that we loved Ohio and all Midwesterners from that point on. After eating homemade (and homegrown) zucchini bread, we walked around their farm. Let it be known, I now want a farm and a donkey. This new aspiration is a natural result of the fact that I met the best donkey ever. His name was Xote (after Don Qui-)and he is my new bestie. Ashley and Amanda bounded across the field in search of ponies, it rained, we climbed around a barn, and then headed into the tiny, adoracute town center of Milan to explore us some family heritage.

We have to go now, so I'll just say this: Seeing pictures of people in museums when you also have the same pictures in your living room at home is surreal as all hell.

Scroll down for Ashley's photos of our day!!

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