Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Prelude to the Great Lady Road Trip of Ought-Nine

This is a blog. Much like a new baby, you can coo at it and speak in semi-degrading baby talk. "Yes it is! Yesss it IS! Can you say 'blog?' Blooooog! What a iddy-widdy bwoggy-woggy!" etc.

It cannot reply to your inane babble by cooing and spitting up its banana puree, but it can (and will) inform you of things including, but not limited to:

a.) my whereabouts and thoughts relating to the quest for a shiny, new life.
b.) musings on how Sarah Palin terrifies me.
c.) the final verdict: is Mount Rushmore as creepy and weird as I expect it to be?

In about a week, the fabulous Miss Ashley Ross and I will be fleeing the East coast for the friendlier pastures of the West. We will be aided and abetted by one Miss Amanda Hollifield.
If we ever have internet, you can read about it here. If we don't, you can just look at the blank screen and imagine us lounging decadently by a pristine lake fending off an angry horde of fire ants. The choice is yours.

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